Case Study: Bathurst 12 Hour 2018

A huge weekend away with the Ice Break Extra Shot flown by Virgin Australia Porsche team was just the end game of three months of work.

Let’s highlight three particular elements!

1/ The Mark Webber/ Pat Long Activation.

Using a bit of inside information (Mark Webber spent a lot of time in the team garage in 2017), I began working up an idea to get him in a Porsche (any Porsche) alongside our team driver (and American) Pat Long. Why this combo? Having seen the madness that was Darrell Waltrip at Bathurst a number of years ago, I knew the combo of Webber as passenger (All race drivers are terrible passengers) and the affable and laid back Pat Long would be a winning combo. Was it?

2/ Ice Break Extra Shot TVCs for the big screen

As Ice Break were major event sponsors, they were offered a single 15 second ad break on the event big screen forĀ every break. While the original brief called for a montage from 2017, I saw this as problematic as 1/ It’s the 2018 race and we were in different livery 2/ that single ad every time would maybe get a little bit muc…? So we booked a time not long after arrival at the event to shoot four similar, but different ads. The lads improvised their lines (with a little cajoling) and we got these done. One hour to shoot it? Pretty good outcome. While I do not expect them to form the cornerstone of any Parmalat marketing campaign, they were – in my view- ideal for this event.

3/ Photographs

While I am not a full on pro photographer (You have to be full time!) I can shoot serviceable shots in the garage and source the pro photos from around the circuit. It’s all about workflow and I was able to ensure a near continuous flow of shots from my camera and those of the contracted photographers around the circuit. These were sent directly to both the team Facebook see here!

Some favourites (my pics)