Our Approach

thomasrdotorg marketing services was born out of "traditional" digital media, fused with ye olde school TV & radio broadcast media and then mercilessly mashed with social media to produce outcomes that are rooted in traditional marketing sensibilities and then ably assisted by current and future social media thinking and opportunities.


Having thomasrdotorg involved with your business- from a strategic standpoint through to full hands on social media management means we are across everything on your behalf and with you. Your plans and strategy are executed to the letter. Reporting is direct; responsibility is taken and changes can be made quickly and

When there is a disconnect between your marketing suppliers- whether photographers, activations, events, web video or broader marketing strategies, then you cannot make the most of the over arching strategy. Your great ideas can be lost through lack of internal communications and a firm overall picture. It is a most common issue facing marketing campaigns.

At thomasrdotorg we have seen this type of disconnect bring terrific campaign ideas undone repeatedly. Great ideas served up poorly, not timed well or served badly to the wrong demographic.

Rather than focus on the negatives, we will work with you to identify your strengths, draw out your client knowledge (you know them better than we do!) and make the most of the opportunities presented.

We will happily work with your other suppliers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The lines of communication must remain opena dn stakeholders feel empowered to do the best job in the right way.

As an integrated marketing agency, we can help at any level. We can be hands on in the space you need us to be in. We are happy to be engaged to make the project work. We’ve been around long enough to seek only a great project outcome, not seek out credit or awards.

Our approach can be summed up thusly: "Ideas are easy; execution is everything"

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